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Disney College Program

We are excited for the Spring 2017 recruitment season and are thrilled that you continue to encourage your students to consider the Disney College Program. Over the next several weeks, we look forward to welcoming 4900 new students to our parks and resorts, as they begin their Disney journeys!

Below, you’ll find information regarding the upcoming recruitment season. Be advised that dates are subject to change.


Disney College Program
Application Start Date: Monday, Jan. 23, 2017
Application End Date: Friday, March 24, 2017


Disney College Program - Summer Alumni Program - Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort
Application Start and End Date: Monday, Feb. 6, 2017

Students must have successfully completed at least one Disney College Program to be eligible. Due to strong interest in this program, we expect the posting to be live for only 24 hours.


Disney Management and Professional Internships
Opportunities will post throughout the semester across segments including: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney|ABC Television Group, The Walt Disney Studios, Corporate, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, and ESPN. Please encourage your students to check disneyinterns.com for the latest openings.


Disney College Program Application Process

Students interested in the Disney College Program will follow the steps below.

  • Visit our website, disneycollegeprogram.com. Click Apply Now, and complete the application.
  • If the application is accepted, the student will receive an email with a link asking the student to take the Web-Based Interview. Please note, all applications are reviewed for candidates with a profile and experience that we believe will make them most successful on our program.
  • If the student is successful in the Web-Based Interview, the student will receive an email with an attached link asking them to register for a phone interview. This process allows the student to select the most optimal time in their schedule to participate in our phone interview.
  • The phone interview is the last stage of the interview process. Remind your students to select a time they can be in a quiet location and fully focus on their interview.
  • Students should periodically view their dashboard for updates concerning their application status. Please understand some students will be able to view offers or dispositions immediately, while others may take a couple of days or weeks. All students will have a form of communication on their dashboard.

Marketing Collateral:

We have attached two electronic resources for you to promote the Disney College Program to your students.

  • Electronic Email ListServe
    • A Disney branded email with basic information about the Disney College Program and a link to apply. This can be sent to student organizations, specific classes or as an all student email blast.
  • Closed Circuit TV Slide
    • A Disney branded PowerPoint slide with an Apply Now call to action. These can be used on any digital board across campus.
  • Printed Marketing Collateral
    • Additional marketing collateral can be ordered utilizing the following link.

Stay Connected on Twitter

We are pleased to announce that we will have an additional resource for educators beginning this spring, in the Twitterverse! Please follow Kent Phillips, our Educator Relations Specialist on Twitter, via @KentPhillips5. His tweets will provide insight into Spring 2017 activities and happenings.

For a comprehensive look at Disney Internships and Programs, follow @DisneyInterns on Twitter or search our hashtags: #DisneyPrograms, #DisneyInterns and #DisneyCP.


Disney College Program Alumni:

We encourage you to welcome back your College Program Alumni from their 2016 programs. They will have “magical “memories they could share with you and your team, as well as other students from your school. Their stories can be valuable resources for you during the Spring 2017 recruiting season.


Kind Regards,
Disney Campus Recruitment

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